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I am a Computer Science PhD student at ETH Zürich between the Game Technology Center and the Professorship for Learning Sciences and Higher Education. As part of the Future Learning Initiative, I am exploring how new technologies can support mathematics education, and in particular, make mathematics more graspable (literally). I am also helping with communication and design at Enlightware, a start-up focusing on technology to empower humans. Besides this, I enjoy taking part in outreach events to teach mathematics and computer science, and publishing blog articles to popularize Learning Sciences at thediverter. I also love going roller-skating and training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and, believe it or not, a lot of my inspiration comes from there.



You can find my resume here: (pdf).


Google Scholar

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Le Coding Club des Filles, 2019. (link)

Interview for ETH Zürich, 2019. (link)

Interview for We Shape Tech, 2019. (link)

The Future of Digital - Augmented Reality, Talk and Panel with We Shape Tech, 2018. (link)


Virginia Ramp - Master Thesis - October 2020 - Embodied Analysis in Virtual Reality

Lea Reichardt - Bachelor Thesis - December 2019 - VR Game Prototype for Hand Tracking and Projection

Jennifer Labun - Matura Project - April 2018 - Entwicklung eines Games in der Erweiterten Realität

Charles Coeurderoy and Violaine Sudret - Engineering Project - November 2015 - Application mobile intégrant un GPS narratif