Game Design

Together with Dominic Weibel, we created resources to co-design a video game with children. As part of Dominic's master thesis, we used these documents during co-design workshops with girls aged 10-12, where we focused on designing a mobile game to teach Computer Science.

Overview of the Game Pillars document

Game Pillars Template - This document is used to gather first ideas for the game. In the "Game Idea" section, the participants write one sentence describing the general idea. The different pillars are completed with the information about the different game aspects, separated in "Concept" and "Universe". (en) (en*) (de) (de*)

Overview of the Feedback Sheet document

Feedback Template - This document is used after playing a game prototype. The participants can complete the document to indicate what they liked and did not like. The first column (rectangles) is filled with observations, while the second column (arrows) focuses on action points. (en) (de)

Overview of the Playtesting Sheet document

Playtesting Template - With this document, the participant acts as a designer. Prior to the testing, the designer-participant asks another participant for general information about themselves. Then, they observe the other participant while they play a game, and complete the sheet accordingly. Finally, they conduct a short interview to gather feedback. (en) (de)


We assembled a detailed manual describing how to use the kit and in which context. (pdf)

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