Unity Workshops

With tools like Unity, game programming is now much simpler. Making a game is also a nice way of leveraging students' creativity to learn programming. I organize workshops about game programming and game design aimed at students with no programming experience. The workshops are availble for entire classes, or girls only groups. There are several versions of the workshops: 2h, half a day, one day, one week. If you are interested in such a workshop, please contact me!

In a two hours workshop, we create a top down game where a rabbit has to espace a fox, and can eat carrots to regain some health:

screenshot of a top view game with a rabbit and a fox

In a one week workshop, the students have much more creative freedom and can create their own top down game.

Here are some games students created during a workshop hosted by Eracom:

And here are some pictures from the ETH Informatiktage in 2022: Julia explains to a student

Picture of a student's screen, showing the finished game in the Unity interface Julia explains to several students

© Andreas Eggenberger for D-INFK/ETH Zürich

«There’s nothing intimidating about computer science», 22.02.2022, Simona Bochsler (link)

Previous Workshops

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Game Programming Workshop @ Informatiktage, ETH Zurich - March 2022. (link)

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