The Tale of λy

I was very impressed by the game Human Resource Machine and wanted to explore how one could make a game to teach functional programming.

My first attempt is "The Tale of λy", a musical puzzle game. The music box on the right indicates the target list the player needs to create. The player is given an initial list, and can use the boxes on the left to modify it.

puzzle level

When the player brings the list to the music box, they get to listen to the list. You can see an example of puzzle in the following video. The game is quite simple so far, but I'm hoping to improve it with more complex levels. My hope is to make puzzles that generate interesting melodies, using several lists.

Just for the laugh, here are some characters of the game:

waving character with red glasses happy character shaking arms

As you can see, I reached the top of my art skills with this game!

TIS-100 by Zachtronics. (link)

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