In this game, the screen is separated in two halves. The bottom half represents a physical world, where you can move your character and interact with objects or creatures. The top half contains the corresponding world of ideas, represented as plants in "mind gardens".

game screenshot

Just like in life, you can only move forward. Different opportunities are offered to you, but you get to decide whether or not you will interact with them. Your decisions will change your mind state, as well as your future. When you reach the end and the game is over, you join the upper half. You can then visit the world's garden, and observe the effect you had on it.

If you are lucky enough, you might become friends with a Fel, a bouncy creature that will make sure to drop a bit of happiness in your garden from time to time.

This game is a work in progress, I will update this article with new gameplay videos as I move forward. I worked with L-Systems to generate the trees, and this was a lot of fun! I would also like to thank Dražen Popović for making the background music, and my friends and followers for suggesting beautiful hairstyles for the characters.

different hair styles for the characters

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